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PB040001 Ignitor
PB040001 Ignitor Viking Range Igniter
PB040001 Ignitor Viking Range Igniter

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PB040001 IgnitorThis Viking Range Ignitor is Used on all Viking Glow Bar Ignition Systems.If you need to replace this Ignitor for the Bake function, we highly recommend replacing BOTH Bake Ignitors at the same time, never solo replace. It is also recommended in general to change BOTH Bake Ignitors every 3 - 5 years for BEST performance.


The bake and broil igniters are mounted to the bake and

broil burner and ignite the gas flowing into the burner.

During a bake or broil operation, current flows through

the igniter, gas valve and thermostat to neutral. As the

igniter starts heating and glowing ,its internal resistance

decreases allowing more current to flow through the

bake or broil circuit. When the circuit current reaches

approximately 3.2 to 3.6 amps, the bi-metal arm in the

gas valve flexes, opening the valve, allowing gas to

flow to the burner when it is ignited by the glowing

ignite. The ignite will glow anytime the bake or broil

burners are in operation and cycle on and off with the

thermostat cycling contacts.

The igniter can be checked for continuity by using an

ohmmeter set to the Rx10 range. Remove the igniter

from the burner and disconnect the igniter wiring.

Attach one meter lead to each igniter wire. A resistance

of several hundred ohms may be indicated and may

vary with each igniter. The main purpose of this test is

to see if the igniter is open internally.

The igniter may still be defective even though continuity is indicated

and it glows when the oven is set for a bake, broil or clean function.

A more exact test is to measure the igniter current with the oven operating. An ammeter

should be inserted in series with one lead of the ignite

or any amprobe attached to the of the igniter will check

the amount of current flowing through the igniter circuit.

With the oven turned on and the igniter glowing red,

a current reading of approximately 3.2 to 3.6 amps

should be indicated.

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