Locate Your Viking Model and Serial Number
Click on your product category for help finding the model/serial tag.

Ranges and Rangetops: OPEN Burner. You have an Open Burner Range or Rangetop if you can remove your burner bowls. Remove the left rear grate and the left rear burner bowl. Look in the hole for the label. You may need a flashlight.

Ranges and Rangetops: SEALED Burner. You have a Sealed Burner Range or Rangetop if you can only remove the burner cap and burner, but not the burner bowl.

Cooktops: Look underneath for the label. You may need a flashlight.

Wall Ovens: Open the oven door. For double oven units, open the bottom oven door. Look on the left side of the oven cavity frame for the white label.

On newer units, after opening oven door, look up under the control face for the label.

Refrigerators: BUILT-IN. You have a Built-In Refrigerator if it is installed into cabinetry and cannot be easily slid out.

Refrigerators: BUILT-IN BOTTOM-MOUNT. You have a Built-In Bottom Mount Refrigerator if the freezer is located at the bottom. Remove both produce drawers. Look at the now-exposed refrigerator wall for the label.

Refrigerators: BUILT-IN SIDE-BY-SIDE. You have a Built-In Side-By-Side Refrigerator if the refrigerator and freezer sections are side by side. Remove crisper drawers and look for tag on interior refrigerator wall. OR Look up at interior ceiling right side.

Refrigerators: FREESTANDING. You have a Freestanding Refrigerator if the refrigerator can be easily slid in and out. Look on top right hand side interior wall.

Outdoor Grills: Remove the drip tray and look up under the left front bottom. You may need a flashlight.

Ventilation Hoods: Remove the grease filters and look for the label inside.

Downdrafts: Open your cabinets and look at the front of the motor cover.

Dishwashers, Trash Compactors, Garbage Disposals.

Wine Coolers, Undercounter Refrigerators, Icemakers.

Warming Drawers, Microwaves, Microchambers, Woks.